Suite " Dei Mori "

Sculptures typical of ceramic Sicilian also called " Heads Moro " . This name comes from the legend that tells of the love of a beautiful girl and a young brown Palermo that was passing under his balcony and , struck by her beauty , he decided he wants to do his .
The girl waited for the night and killed him while he slept moro , beheaded him and the head made ​​it a vessel in which he planted basil that put on display on the balcony , so the dark remained forever with her. Basil meanwhile thrived arousing the envy of the local residents who , not to be outdone, became manufacture of clay pots with the human form .

Suite's details

  • 60 sqm.
  • King-.size bed
  • sofa
  • desk
  • bathroom ceiling, darkened with curtains
  • hotel amenities "Ortigia"
  • towels and sheets by " Etro "

Included services

  • Wifi

  • breakfast

  • Tv hd

  • Air conditioning

  • Heating

  • Mini bar

  • Phon

  • Stereo bluetooth

  • Car parking

  • Beach towel

Extra services

  • Taxi from/to airport

  • Auto rent

  • Moto rent

  • Bike rent

  • Boat rent

  • City tour

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Other Suites

The style and the volumes of the environments, unusual for our time, inspired the three suites where reliving that wealthy, peaceful and relaxed life of the palace, accompanied by the forms and colors of furniture and objects designed exclusively for the site that will home, where furniture eighteenth and nineteenth century Sicilian draw near paintings by contemporary artists of the Val di Noto, Caltagirone ceramics and Sciacca, photographic works of south-eastern Sicily.

Everything here can be lived and bought by those who want to take with them not a gift but a "piece of Sicily."

Info and booking

Price list including VAT
High season
Mid season
Low season

Grand Suite
" Principe Trigona "

€ 440
€ 390
€ 340

Suite " Aranceto "

€ 320
€ 280
€ 240

Suite " Dei Mori "

€ 320
€ 280
€ 240
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  • High season: July, August, Infiorata.
  • Mid season: April, May, June, September, Christmas, New Year and Easter
  • Low season: January , February, March , October, November.

  • Extra services: extra bed 40€ per night (children up to 4 years old gratis)

  • The prices are per night, per room (2 person), including breakfast.

  • Minimum Stay: 2 Night